Top Secret Tips To Levelling Up Your Shopper Profile

For Your Eyes Only: Top Secret Tips To Levelling Up Your Shopper Profile

Want to know insider secrets to become a top-tier mystery shopper? Read on to discover how you can apply for more assignments AND find those mystery shops that have great rates of pay. 

Spring-clean your shopper profile

When was the last time you gave your profile a little update? If it’s been a while, there’s a chance some of your info might need a refresh. By keeping it current, we can make sure you’re seeing mystery shops that really match your lifestyle and that are local to you.  

Next time you log into the Portal, take a quick peek at your Profile sections to make sure everything’s up-to-date. That way, we can tailor those mystery shops just for you! Oh, and don’t forget, you can give your Shopper Profile a boost by completing our Certifications. They’re like mini quizzes that prep you for specific mystery shops and up your chances of snagging those assignments!

Ready to spruce up your profile? Check out our handy checklist to optimise your shopper profile to its fullest potential!

Get ready to turn your holiday into an adventure! This summer, we’re offering plenty of mystery shops that you can easily complete while you’re away. Make the most of your holiday (and make some extra spending money for the next one!) by taking on exciting assignments wherever you roam. Simply update your location to unlock a world of opportunities. And remember, don’t forget to switch back to your home location once you return!

Up Your Grading Game 

When you wrap up an assignment, it’s not merely about hitting that submit button. Oh no, it’s so much more than that! It’s your chance to flaunt your skills, to showcase what you’re made of! We ask for things like comments on your assessment form, so that you can give a more detailed account of your experience and provide context for your scenario. Our clients can then fully understand what has happened during an assignment, and use this to make improvements in the future.

We evaluate each assignment using four key factors: timeliness, quality of report, quality of comments, and quality of media/attachments. We then give you a grade and any feedback we think might help you improve the quality of your next assignment. 

But here’s the best part – these grades aren’t just for show! They’re your golden ticket to opening the door to more mystery shopping opportunities in the future.  Imagine snagging all those sought-after assignments with higher rates of pay and bonuses before anyone else! It’s all within reach when you keep a high grade on your assignments.

Psst… If you are a brand-new shopper and don’t have a grade yet, don’t worry, we always allocate assignments fairly and won’t overlook you just because you’re new!

How can I improve my Grade?

The more in-depth you are with your feedback, the more valuable your assessments are to our clients, and the less following up with you we’ll need to do. Try to keep spelling, punctuation and grammar levels high and give a little context in your comments. We are all human and life gets busy for us all at times, but try to stick to your assignment deadline. If you’re not sure what you’ve got to do, or how to fill in your assessment form, please do get in touch as we’d always rather you ask questions than keep quiet and struggle. You can find details of who you need to contact on your Shopper Brief.

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