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Who Are Mystery Families?

Mystery Families are carefully selected individuals who act as prospective clients for nurseries, care homes, and residential facilities. 

They simulate the journey of families seeking care options, providing invaluable feedback on their experiences. This unique perspective helps ensure that these essential services are not only up to regulatory standards but also genuinely warm, welcoming, and suited to the needs of those they aim to serve. Our panel of Mystery Families is diverse, enabling us to assess a wide range of care settings from multiple viewpoints.

Some of our Mystery Families have their own Covert Video Cameras so can record the interactions to allow businesses to see and hear the experience

Our Video Mystery Families are able to travel the country completing various different mystery shops for Mystery Shoppers Ltd.

Social Services Available in Council Areas
Mobility Products – Order to Delivery
Insurance Products
Personal Alarms
Nurseries & Day Care
Assisted Living Accommodation
Care Homes of all Requirements
Independent Childcare Services
In-Home Care Services

Flexible Solutions

What Is Mystery Shopping in Care?

Our tailored Care Facility Mystery Shopping programmes are designed to give care homes and nurseries insight into the family experience. 

Working closely with your team, we identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. 

This collaborative approach helps to cultivate environments that not only meet but exceed expectations, fostering trust and confidence among current and prospective families. 

Our goal is to support the creation of care settings where kindness, professionalism, and high standards are the norms whilst also ensuring all placement opportunities are maximised.


How Does it Work?

So, how exactly does it work? Utilising a mix of pre-arranged visits and  spontaneous drop-ins, our Mystery Families undertake  comprehensive evaluations of your facility.
They can assess everything from the initial enquiry process and staff interactions to the quality of care and activities provided. 

Each family is briefed to replicate realistic scenarios, ensuring that our assessments reflect genuine experiences. This hands-on approach allows us to gather detailed, actionable feedback, which is then compiled into a strategic report aimed at enhancing the quality of care and  operational excellence.

Mystery shoppers covertly conduct care market research by collecting real-time data from their experience and documenting this on our mystery shopper mobile app.

Enquiry response times
Sales journey and techniques used
Drive Positive Behaviours
Information Provided
Facilities Available
Products/Services Available
POS and Marketing Materials
Benchmarking Against Competitors & Pricing
Rapport Building, Empathy and Sensitivity

What Are The Benefits of Mystery Families? 

Investing in Care Facility Mystery Shopping offers a spectrum of advantages critical for continuous improvement and compliance with care standards:

  • Tailored improvement programmes: Customised to address the unique challenges and opportunities within your care setting.
  • Compliance assurance: Helps ensure that your facility operates in line with industry regulations and standards.
  • Performance enhancement: Identifies areas where staff training and development can enhance care quality and client satisfaction.
  • Issue identification: Uncovers potential areas of concern or compliance risk before they escalate.
  • Customer experience optimisation: Provides insights to make your facility a preferred choice for families by enhancing their experience.
  • Strategy development: Aids in the formulation of actionable strategies for improvement and growth.


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“The findings have been invaluable to us and resulted in a new programme of training on enquiry handling – so I’d like to say a personal thank you for all your help and hard work. It’s been an incredibly rewarding project to be involved in.”
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