Assessment Channels

how we can assess your business

Assessment Channels

You might be looking to monitor compliance, drive performance improvement or gather insight into the customer experience. We can offer many different types of mystery shopping and customer experience assessments to assess a range of touchpoints.

Our bespoke and flexible approach means that wherever a customer experience exists and through whatever channel, we can put a programme in place to meet a wide range of objectives. We have over 30 years’ of experience doing so!

Face to Face

Non-Video (Standard)
Full Customer Journeys
Video Recorded Visits
Audio Recorded Visits
Audits (Overt and Covert)
Call Out Services​
Over 350,000 mystery shoppers!
Full UK and Ireland coverage
Business to Business

What Is Face to Face Mystery Shopping?

Face to Face Mystery Shopping is a crucial assessment tool that involves trained mystery shoppers interacting directly with staff in a physical setting.

This method provides an in-depth evaluation of customer service, sales skills, and compliance with company standards at your business locations.

Our mystery shoppers meet a huge range of demographics, enabling us to match your typical customer profile and provide more in-depth feedback as a result. They discreetly perform specific tasks, ask questions, or pose as typical customers to gauge the quality of the service provided.

To further aid feedback and coaching, we can also audio or video record assessments, which enables you to listen to/watch the experience and decide yourself whether the experience meets the standard you expect.



Response Testing

Mystery shoppers can call portraying particular scenarios to determine not only whether phones are being answered in accordance with company standards, but also to measure the quality of the interaction. We’ve assessed:

  • Customer service lines
  • Complaints lines
  • Sales teams
  • Individual Branches

Call Scoring

We’re also able to assess calls that have already been recorded on your own recording system. Once recordings are listened to, they are then scored against a set of agreed criteria.

Response Times
Sales Journey and Techniques
Rapport Building & Information Provided.
Available Products and Services
Transfer Skills
Service Quality
Product Pricing & Discounts
Competitor Insight

Social Media

Quality of information provided
Enquiry Resolution
Direct Messages
Online Review Response
Screen Recording
Screenshots & Feedback
Usability Testing
Business to Business

What Is Social Media Mystery Shopping?

Response Monitoring

Much time and money is spent on moving customers through the journey from awareness all the way to becoming brand advocates.

It’s frustrating for customers if they’re not receiving the response in the way they would expect so it’s really important that teams responsible for customer service through social media, don’t let customers down or allow them to fall out of the funnel.

Mystery shoppers write comments on your posts across any social media site or app to see how quickly they are responded to, allowing you to assess the speed and quality of response.

They can make social media enquiries to the contact team and track response times, content of replies and the complete customer experience.



Usability Testing

Trained website assessors can provide valuable insight into what is often the first interaction customers have.

Certified website assessors and/or mystery shoppers are given tasks, and navigate the website or mobile app/page whilst recording the screen to enable the viewer to monitor their progress.

Review Assessments in Real-Time

The mystery shoppers can have their webcams turned on as well so that their facial expressions can be seen and they will give verbal feedback on the process throughout.



Ease of Navigation
Information Availability
Response Times
Enquiry Handling
Purchase Process
Availability of Products
Usability of Web Page and Mobile App View
Chatbots / Live Chat
Competitor Insight


Timeliness of Replies
Content of Replies
Professionalism & Communication Skills
Information Accuracy and Depth
Friendliness and Rapport Building
Next Steps Explained
Follow up Offered
Business to Business

What Is Email Mystery Shopping?

Response Monitoring

Mystery shoppers can make email or web form enquiries to the contact team and track response times, content of replies and the complete customer experience.

We can arrange for emails/enquiries to be sent from business email addresses if business to business is required.

Supporting Materials

The shoppers provide screenshots of their interactions to support their feedback, as well as copies of any materials they are sent in response to their enquiries.


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