Who Are Mystery Drivers?

Mystery Drivers are a critical part of the mystery shopping experience, posing as someone that blends in with the rest of your customers. You won’t be able to tell them apart from your other customers.

Some of our Mystery Drivers have their own Covert Video Cameras so can record the interactions to allow businesses to see and hear the experience themselves! 

Our Video Mystery Drivers are able to travel the country completing various different mystery shops for Mystery Shoppers Ltd.

Competitor Analysis & Pricing Insight
Assess Customer Experience
Monitor Compliance
Embed Company Training
After Sales Process
Ensure Brand Consistency
Provide Feedback to Staff
Test Social Media Responses

Flexible Solutions

What Is Automotive Mystery Shopping?

Our bespoke Automotive programmes at Mystery Shoppers Ltd. enable you to see the performance of your manufacturer or dealership and the rest
of your sales and services team. Don’t forget, it’s not just shopping!

Providing your business with a comprehensive insight programme means that we work closely with your team to identify which areas need
improvement. We’ll help you turn this into an award-winning strategy where you and your employees reach KPIs, (key performance indicators) whilst improving the all-important customer experience.

How Does it Work?

So, how exactly does it work? Using our specialised different assessment methods, our Mystery Drivers are allocated an assignment, which could be a visit to your manufacturer or dealership.

Here, they must carry out the required tasks that we have given them. Perhaps they’ll call and enquire about a vehicle they’ve seen online, or make an enquiry on your website. They will then covertly conduct automotive market research by collecting real-time data from their experience and document this on our mystery shopper mobile app.

Enquiry Response Times
Sales Journey and Techniques
Enquiry Follow Up
FCA Compliance
Available Products and Service
Received Materials
Service Quality
Product Pricing & Discounts
Competitor Insight

What Are The Benefits of Automotive Mystery Shoppers? 

Providing your manufacturer or dealership business with the ultimate performance improvement solution is important to develop your business strategy and drive performance amongst teams. Other key benefits of automotive mystery shoppers at Mystery Shoppers Ltd include:

  • Bespoke automotive programmes
  • Accurate service evaluations
  • Sales team performance assessments
  • Identification of issues or potential compliance issues
  • Customer experience enhancement
  • Business strategy creation and implementation

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    “The findings have been invaluable to us and resulted in a new programme of training on enquiry handling – so I’d like to say a personal thank you for all your help and hard work. It’s been an incredibly rewarding project to be involved in.”
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