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Who Are Mystery Customers?

Mystery Customers are ordinary individuals who act as typical customers, visiting businesses from all industries to evaluate the quality of service, compliance with regulations, and overall customer experience. 

These incognito evaluators provide critical feedback by experiencing services as a regular customer would, without revealing their identity. 

Our network includes a diverse group of fully briefed evaluators across various demographics, equipped with the tools needed, such as covert video cameras, and audio recording devices, to capture genuine interactions. This enables businesses to see and hear the customer’s perspective first-hand. 

Our Mystery Customers are flexible and can operate nationwide, carrying out assessments in a range of sectors.

Shopping Centres
Designer and High Street Fashion Retailers
Furniture Stores
Pet Supplies
Fuel Stations
Subscription Services
Plus much, much more!

Flexible Solutions

What Is Mystery Shopping?

Our tailored Mystery Shopping programmes are designed to give you a clear view of how your staff interact with customers and manages day-to-day operations. By working closely with your team, we identify key areas for improvement and drive the adoption of best practices. 

Our programmes are structured to transform your customer service into a dynamic, efficient, and highly responsive operation, meeting both customer expectations and industry standards.

Wherever customer experiences exist, you will find us!


How Does it Work?

So, how exactly does it work? Our approach involves assigning Mystery Customers specific tasks across various service touchpoints—be it face-to-face interactions, telephone calls, or digital communications. 

Each assigned mystery customer acts out predefined scenarios to test how different situations are handled by your team. 

This allows them to discreetly gather real-time insights and document them using our state-of-the-art mystery shopper app.

 This process is essential for obtaining an unbiased evaluation of your customer service and operational standards.

Enquiry response times
Sales journey and techniques used
Drive Positive Behaviours
Information Provided
Uniform Standards
Products/Services Available
POS and Marketing Materials
Benchmarking Against Competitors
Rapport Building

What Are The Benefits of Mystery Customers? 

Implementing a Mystery Customer programme in your business strategy is crucial for refining your customer engagement approaches and enhancing the overall service quality. Key benefits include:

  • Customised service evaluation programmes
  • Precise adherence to service standards and regulatory compliance
  • Detailed performance assessments of staff
  • Early identification of service issues and potential improvements
  • Enhancement of customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Development and execution of effective business strategies

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'This mystery shopper project is working as intended, to support my team to improve confidence around selling to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. I am holding 1-2-1 coaching sessions around mystery shopper results. This ensures that we are getting consistency across the business.  The mystery shopper portal is very informative and a great visual to share with the teams.'
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