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Easy to

"Very concise and easy to navigate. Overall very positive "


"Wide variety of companies. Quick and efficient when applying for jobs. Highly recommend."


"Always clear instructions on the assignments, queries answered quickly."

Flexible Assignments

"I enjoy being a shopper because of the flexibility."

"Mystery shopping gave me an insight into lots of industries and a wealth of experience to use that influence to learn and develop for prospects, that would have been impossible to embark on. The knowledge helped me to make informed purchases in my life and those of others around me."

Consistent Information

"You always provide consistent communication, but not to the point of annoyance. Thank you."

Open to

"It was very esay to fill out the form, everything was well explained. I like the fact that you are open to work with anyone from 18yrs upward."

Professional Company

"I am very satisfied working with you. My interactions with your company has been both professional and enjoyable, thank you."

Secure Payments

"Great protection on payments to shoppers. Awesome email updates, also. Thank you!"

"I have worked as a Mystery shopper for 25+years, covering the UK Southern Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Channel Isles.
I have loved every minute of every day doing what I know best and I really wouldn't change it for the world.
Over the years I have met some lovely people and been to some truly beautiful places which would not have been possible if it had not been for the MS agencies I receive my jobs from.
I don't travel as far as I used to because of my age, the cost of fuel and overnight stays away from home, but I still recommend the job for anyone wanting a change of career and the opportunity to visit some spectacular cities throughout our beautiful United Kingdom"

Lots of Assignments

"Completely satisfied. From jobs offered to communication. Very helpful team, fun and varied assignments. "

Quick Payments

"I like the flexibility of what is available. The instructions are clear on what to do.
Different types of mystery shop i.e. in person or telephone
Payment and expenses are paid quickly."


"Excellent communication standards and staff who are always polite, pleasant and professional."

Help Always on Hand

"You are still my go-to Mystery Shopping company. Your staff are amazing, they are most engaging, and it's so good to know help is always on hand. "

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