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Who Are Mystery Clients?

Mystery Clients are, essentially, undercover business owners or representatives who engage with your B2B company to assess the quality of your customer service, sales process, and product or service delivery.

We have businesses of all sizes on our B2B Shopper Panel.

Acting as potential or existing clients, they provide invaluable insights into the customer journey from a business perspective.
With a professional background and a clear understanding of business needs, our Mystery Clients help ensure that your company not only meets but exceeds the expectations of your business customers.
They play a crucial role in identifying gaps in the customer experience and ensuring compliance with industry best practices.
Procedure Compliance
POS Materials
Customer Experience
Enquiry Response
Sales Processes
Follow Up Contact
Pricing and Discounts
Service Quality

Flexible Solutions

What Is Business to Business (B2B) Mystery Shopping ?

Our tailored B2B Mystery Shopping programmes are designed to scrutinise and enhance the interactions between your company and its business clients.

By closely collaborating with your team, we identify areas for improvement and opportunities to positively impact your B2B relationships.

We also compare your service offering against your competitors and help you understand where the gaps are.

The objective is to help your business develop a strategy that boosts client satisfaction, fosters long-term relationships, and ultimately drives growth and profitability.


How Does it Work?

So, how exactly does it work? Upon initiating a B2B Mystery Shopping project, we assign assignments to our Mystery Clients, who may interact with your sales teams, customer service representatives, or account management personnel. 

These interactions can occur through various channels, including direct meetings, phone calls, or digital communication platforms. 

Our Mystery Clients simulate real business enquiries or transactions, gathering detailed feedback on their experiences.

This feedback is meticulously documented and analysed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your company’s performance from a client’s perspective.

Enquiry response times
Sales journey and techniques used
Drive Positive Behaviours
Information Provided
Facilities Available
Products/Services Available
POS and Marketing Materials
Benchmarking Against Competitors & Pricing
H&S Audits

What Are The Benefits of Mystery Clients? 

Utilising B2B Mystery Clients offers a multitude of benefits for your business, including:

  • Customised feedback that aligns with your specific business objectives and the expectations of your B2B clients.
  • Precise evaluations of your sales process, customer service quality, and overall client engagement strategies.
  • Identification of strengths and areas for improvement, allowing for targeted training and development efforts.
  • Insights into the competitive landscape, helping you understand how your client service measures up against industry standards.
  • Strategies for enhancing client satisfaction and loyalty, contributing to increased client retention and referral rates.

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“From the first call, through to the summary of our first wave, working with the team at Mystery Shoppers has been nothing short of excellent. We’ve gathered some excellent insights, and we’re about to roll out our next wave of Mystery Shopping campaigns. Working with Mystery Shoppers is, without doubt, helping us to improve our customer experience!”
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