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How Mystery Shoppers Will Fuel Your Business Performance

We understand that it can be difficult to know where to start when attempting to increase your business performance, especially when you are constantly performing well, hitting KPIs and surpassing your targets every quarter. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Have you ever thought about mystery shopping your business? If you’re unsure how to further progress your business and elevate customer experience, then this is the perfect solution for you.

Keep on reading to find out how our bespoke mystery shopping services at Mystery Shoppers Ltd. can result in your business achieving extraordinary results.

Monitor and Measure Business Performance Effectively

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just shopping! At Mystery Shopping Ltd, we assess businesses across every sector. From valuable automotive services where our mystery drivers look closely at the sales and customer experience journey throughout manufacturers and dealerships, to education services where our mystery students will head undercover to test the compliance of exam boards, we work with you to determine which elements of your business are working well.

Our core mission at Mystery Shoppers Ltd is to encourage businesses to embrace our mystery shopping programmes, foster positive behaviours within their teams, and truly engage their staff in delivering exceptional customer service. In return, these efforts lead to loyal customers and increased profitability. This is exactly why we investigate the customer experience that your business provides, pinpointing the neglected areas of your business that are limiting customer satisfaction and overall, hindering your business performance. Committed to providing you with the most constructive feedback, we want to see your business achieve, which is why we have created tailored mystery shopping programmes just for you.

Restaurants, Bars and Cafés Performance Improvement

As one of the many sectors that we work closely with, we can use our range of expert skills to safely evaluate your business. For example, we can set up mystery diners across restaurants, bars and cafés to evaluate the booking process, customer journey and many other areas of your hospitality business.

Did You Know?

This doesn’t have to be your own franchise, it could even be your competitors! Our mystery shoppers will go undercover, testing out the numerous ways that your competitor deals with various situations. They will then report back on the information that they have gathered, enlightening you and your business on the areas that your competitor is succeeding in, on top of key areas that need improvement.

Why Is Competitor Analysis Important?

Competitor analysis is fundamental to enhancing your own business strategy, visually displaying ways that you can out-perform your competitors and give you that all-important edge that we want you to achieve. At Mystery Shoppers Ltd. we can help you achieve your business objectives with our range of assessment channels.

Keep on reading to find out more about competitor mystery shopping.

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Colleges and Universities Performance Improvement

Do you want to improve the application process of your college or university, make your open days more engaging or improve your college experience as a whole? We’ve got your back! Our mystery students can provide you with valuable feedback, all through partaking in important educational tests, exams and even monitoring key procedures, such as enquiry & response tracking to help your college or university succeed.

For universities, we can also monitor the university application progress and provide you with student-lead insights on how to improve your services. On top of this, our mystery students can also assess accommodation providers and how well they handle their inbound enquiries, evaluating customer experience and ensuring that your university is providing the best customer service.

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B2B Businesses Performance

Mystery shopping was originally started by founders with retail backgrounds and other B2C industries. However, since mystery shopping has grown in success and proven that it is a widely recognised performance improvement tool, we can also provide bespoke mystery shopping programmes for B2B companies at Mystery Shoppers Ltd.

We love helping both B2C and B2B companies reach their potential, which is where our mystery clients play a significant part in helping you to push you further along this journey. They will make enquiries towards your business, asking for appropriate staff wellbeing solutions, consultancy or other services that your business provides. Whilst enquiring, our mystery clients will record key details of their interaction with your business. This can include evaluating the following methods:

  • The sales journey
  • Response times
  • Pricing and discounts
  • Customer service and experience

This data that is gathered will then be relayed to your business, providing you with informative and subjective feedback that isn’t biased in any form. This is a key USP at Mystery Shoppers Ltd., as we are able to create tailored programmes which enable you to gain clarity into the operations of your business. As our mystery clients seamlessly blend in, your employees won’t feel a heightened amount of pressure to deal with the client’s response and similarly, won’t provide you with a clouded version of the truth.

We already excel at working with B2B businesses, having helped many companies across a wide range surpass their business goals and outshine competitors within a tight market. Enquire today to see how we can help your B2B succeed today.

Assess Customer Service

Testing the quality of the services that you are providing your customers with is a vital part of analysing the performance of your business. As if you don’t know how it feels to be on the receiving end of your business, how can you improve it?

Posing as regular customers who will report back on their experiences to your business, our shoppers provide helpful, concise feedback. Traditional feedback can suffer from the halo effect bias, where the positive thoughts and feelings in one area overcome the feelings for the whole picture. Fortunately, our judgement-free mystery shoppers will provide you with only the truth, and nothing but the truth!

Improve Your Business Performance By Identifying Training Areas

Our shoppers are real people who provide invaluable customer feedback and can determine areas for improvement and highlight exceptional service, keeping staff motivated. These flagged areas enable your employees to work together and improve these over time, contributing and working towards a closer, more aligned team with a more successful business strategy and outcome altogether.

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Analyse Competition

They say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer! So, why not enhance your business strategy by letting our mystery shoppers go undercover in your competitor’s business? Their treasurable findings will aid your company’s development by allowing you to conduct detailed competitor analysis.

To enable your company to carry out competitor analysis, our mystery shoppers will assess your business as a whole through their experience and interactions with your company. This data will allow you to detect many areas, raising critical questions, such as:

  • 1. What are they doing well on?
  • 2. Which areas could they improve upon?
  • 3. What are they not doing?
  • 4. Which areas could we do better?

Finding out the answers to questions such as these using first-hand data, allows you to discover the true strengths and weaknesses of your competitor. Therefore, our mystery shoppers enable you to have a better understanding and hold a deeper insight into your designated market. You will then be able to work hard on these areas needing improvement, advancing in front of your competitors.

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Boost Business Performance By Reaching KPIs

It’s true, our mystery shoppers help you to achieve business goals even faster. From a wealth of reporting and data analysis tools which can ultimately save your business time and money, whilst simultaneously improving customer loyalty and satisfaction, the areas that our mystery shoppers provide you with to work on are the fundamentals to your success. Our insightful programmes examine performance closely, detecting patterns over time and showing you access to areas that wouldn’t have been possible to see without our mysterious shoppers themselves.

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Ensure Employee Compliance and Satisfaction

When was the last time that you acknowledged an employee for exceptional performance? At Mystery Shoppers Ltd., we place a strong emphasis on recognising and celebrating exceptional customer service among your employees. Our aim is to foster engagement within your team participating in the mystery shopping project and to inspire employees to consistently deliver outstanding customer service. We firmly believe that everyone, regardless of their role, deserves to feel appreciated for their contributions. Encouraging your staff to take pride in their achievements is pivotal in boosting motivation and morale within the team. This, in turn, leads to more engaged employees who are genuinely committed to upholding high standards of customer service in your business.

Throughout the different projects that our mystery shoppers will undertake, they are able to distinguish the positive interaction that they have received where an employee has gone above and beyond to help them. Our mystery shopper can then pass this over to the employer, who can then reward the specified hard work and commitment of this individual.

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