3 Ways to Improve the Customer Experience in your Call Centres through service monitoring

These days there are many different ways that your customers can contact you. Lots of companies are trying to encourage customers to fill in customer enquiry forms online, or use the other online tools they have available but there are still many instances when only a phone call will do.

The experience the customer receives on this call will often be all it takes for that customer to make a decision as to whether they would like to continue interacting with your business, so making sure it’s a positive one is vital.

When staff know their conduct is being reviewed, they will begin to suspect everyone as being a mystery shopper – this is great news for you as you will instantly see a rise in performance levels. Combine this with regular feedback, training and running a regular mystery shopping programme and you will see continuous improvement in service standards which in turn will mean more happy customers. There are a few different ways we can mystery shop your call centres.

Mystery Calls

Standard mystery shopping that’s completed over the phone. We can recruit from your customer base, use our professional in-house caller team or we can use one of our many mystery shoppers who fit a wide range of demographics. We ask our mystery callers to follow a number of typical customer scenarios (which can include a range of enquiries/tasks) and ask them to report back on their experience.

We will design an assessment form with you, which will ask the shopper all the questions you would like answered ensuring we cover all of the different touchpoints, completely tailored to your business.

We can even record these calls, so as well as providing the completed assessment forms, you can also listen to the call for yourself – our online reporting system allows you to do this simultaneously. You can easily download the recordings so you can use them for in-house training too – for one-to-one feedback sessions for lower scoring calls and for sharing good examples as best practice for your team.

Call scoring

If you already record your incoming calls and would purely like us to score your real time calls, we can do this too. Again, we would design a set of criteria to assess and produce a detailed assessment form. Then our in-house team will listen to the calls and mark them against the criteria.

By scoring calls and measuring their quality and accuracy, contact centres are able to provide customers with better service as well as generating more sales transactions. The recordings provide insight into how staff are representing the company and treating callers. It also helps the call centre to know if staff have a good product understanding and can handle customer enquiries efficiently.

In reality, a busy contact centre leaves little time for managers to stop and listen to recordings of staff.  Not only does this harm the potential for improved interactions and more satisfied customers, but it also removes the benefit of a costly recording system that should have made timely feedback possible.

Customer Satisfaction Calls

All Customer Satisfaction Call programmes are tailored to meet your specific needs. We will work with you to determine the programme objectives and project specifications. We will agree the number of customers to contact, specific questions to ask and the timeframes in which to contact customers.

Our professional callers are fully trained, and just as importantly, they are great listeners. The assessment reports will be made available to you via your bespoke web portal once they have been through our quality assurance procedure.

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