Shopper Tips – What are Certifications?

If you’re registered as a shopper with us you may have seen or even completed a Certification. You’ll find the list of available certifications on the left hand side of your portal here:

Certifications can be one of two things; a poll or a qualification.


Sometimes potential clients want to know how many of our shoppers will fit their typical customer demographic. They want to make sure we have enough suitable shoppers for the project so the more responses we get, the better informed we can be and the more likely we are to get the project. If you have completed the certification and fit the profile, you’ll be first on the list to be contacted when we begin the project.


If we have a complicated assignment, we may ask that you complete a certification before we can assign you the survey.  This is to make sure that you are fully aware of what you have to do, before undertaking the assignment to try to reduce the risk of the visit/call being unsuccessful.

If you apply for an assignment and are asked to complete a certification that you don’t want to do, just go to My Applications and cancel. That way you won’t be prompted to do the certification every time you login.

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