Shopper Tips – 5 Common Mystery Shopping Questions

1. The greeting

Whether your assignment is to make a call to a call centre, visit a shop or receive an email, our clients will often want to know how you were greeted. The questions might be:

‘Were you acknowledged with a smile or a greeting?’

‘Did the greeting include a salutation?’

‘How long before you were greeted?’

2. Query Handling

If part of your assignment includes asking a question, our client will want to know how their staff handled it. You might be asked:

‘Was the staff member able to deal with your query on their own?’

‘Do you feel that you were listened to and that the salesperson understood your requirements?’

3. Knowledge

Knowing the product, upselling and suggesting add-ons are often really important to companies. Upselling is where a staff member (or more specifically a Sales Person) offers you a similar product for a higher price. Sales People will often try to recommend add-ons which are additional products/services, so you might be asked:

‘Did the staff member show good product knowledge?’

‘Did the sales person offer you something else in addition to what you bought?’

4. Compliance

Certain industries, in particular the Finance industry, will have certain codes of conduct that their Advisors have to adhere to and Mystery Shopping is a good way to check that standards are being met. You might be asked:

‘Did the member of staff provide you with the ‘Borrowing from Us’ brochure and explain the key information?’

5. Your Overall Experience

A common tool that companies use to benchmark themselves against others in their industry is the Net Promoter Score. You’ll be asked:

How likely would you be to recommend this store to friends, family or colleagues?’ (from 0-10)

These are just some of the examples of common questions, check out of FAQ page to learn more about Mystery Shopping.

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