Top tips for being a successful shopper

Top tips for being a successful shopper

Like anything, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. That’s why we’ve spoken to our colleagues here at MSL who run the programmes, and put together our best tips to help you become a successful mystery shopper.

1.) Check when assignments are due by

Pay close attention to the due date and time before applying, to make sure you can complete the assignment within the start and deadline date window. If we ask you for a date you plan to do the assignment, our system will let you enter a date, but use the application note box to tell us any other dates you can do.

2.) Created another account?

Please make sure you only have one account with us. If you have more than one because you’ve forgotten your login details and have made a new one, you might be flagged by our Fraud Team. Get in touch and we can help you close unnecessary accounts.

3.) Our team are here to help!

Our assignment information (which is what shows when you click on the ‘i’, or open the assignment from your portal) and our Shopper Briefs (which you’ll see from your inbox), have the contact details of the team member(s) running the programme, so you can contact them if you have any questions about the assignments. Make sure you read the Brief fully and contact us before you start your assignment if you’re unsure on anything.

If you can no longer complete the assignment in your inbox, please let us know as soon as possible.

3.) Log your times

We often ask you for the start and end time of the assignment, e.g., if you’re doing a face-to-face visit in a shop, this is the time you enter the location and the time you leave. To help you remember the times, take a screenshot on your phone, just on the lock screen, when you enter and when you leave and your phone will log this for you. 

4.) Note down the little details as you go

If the assignment involves you stating the staff member’s name, when doing the mystery shop, try to covertly make a note of this (you could text yourself for example), as things like names are easy to forget, but really important!

5. Proofread all information

Once you’ve completed your assessment form, make sure you double check all the information you’ve entered. Especially when completing them on a phone as autocorrect can get very creative!

6.) Completing assessment forms

To make completing the assessment forms quicker, try using the speech to text function on your phone.

If you’re asked to complete the assessment form as you do the mystery shop e.g., while you’re out at a train station, please do it at the site rather than from home – you’ll remember far more!

The more detail you can add to the comment boxes on the assessment form, the better! It means our clients will be able to get a full understanding of your experience, and we’re less likely to contact you asking you for more information.

Finally, make sure you check the progress of your assignment assessment on the Shopper Portal, and your payment under ‘My Pay’. We aim to process all payments within 28 days.

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