The secret to becoming a video mystery shopper

The secret to becoming a video mystery shopper…

Have you ever seen video mystery shopping assignments advertised and wanted to apply, but didn’t? Being a video mystery shopper has lots of perks including great rates of pay, a huge range of scenarios, and it’s fun. If you, like us, like to see people shine, and capture team members at their best (who might otherwise go unnoticed!), you’ll love being a video mystery shopper. Here’s the who, what, how and when of joining our panel of professional video mystery shoppers… and that could include YOU.

What is video mystery shopping and how is it different to other mystery shopping?

Video mystery shopping is an efficient way of carrying out observational research on organisations. Using high-tech covert recording equipment, video mystery shoppers can capture the true customer experience. Shoppers typically undertake visits at different organisations and record footage capturing their experience, which can later be used for reward, training and feedback purposes. 

To give you an idea of what scenarios we cover, here’s just a few of our video assignments currently listed…

Property sales

 Fancy browsing around a lovely new show home? These visits require you to book in with a sales advisor, showing an interest in a new build home by an award-winning developer. You will need to record the advisor’s sales pitch and feedback on the experience and any follow up communication received. 

Retirement living visit

An opportunity to visit a retirement living specialist to assess the customer service levels when enquiring about purchasing a retirement apartment.

Sofa store enquiry

A sofa store assignment which involves visiting a specific store to enquire and purchase a particular item of furniture on interest free credit (do not worry, this will be cancelled before any payment is taken and will not permanently show on your record). Once you have carried out the visit you will need to feedback on your experience.

Holiday booking/insurance enquiry

These are holiday booking assignments where we ask video shoppers to enquire and book a holiday and/or holiday insurance to test the advisor’s compliance. A deposit is required, but this will be refunded.

Like the sound of these? There’s a variety of reasons why video mystery shopping is even better than our standard assignments. These are some of our favourites!

  • Flexible regular work that you can pick up in your spare time.
  • Multiple locations available– why not complete multiple assignments and make it even more worthwhile?
  • Higher rates of pay. Our video projects give you the opportunity to earn between £30 and £100 per assignment. Fees and expenses will always be confirmed before you undertake any assignment.
  • Varied projects– keeps it interesting and fun!
  • Manage your own workload – be your own boss with our guidance and support all the way.
  • Your opportunity to report back on the genuine customer experience.

To get started, you’ll need to have covert camera recording equipment. If you don’t have one, we can offer a great discount code to purchase our recommended covert camera kit. Just ask our Video team.

Socials shout out!

Have you seen our TikTok channel? We will be adding new videos with hints and tips, info on the team behind MSL and ‘behind the scenes’ footage of being a mystery shopper. We’d love to share videos from our panellists. All personal information and identity will be kept anonymous. If you’re interested in becoming a TikTok collaborator, get in touch with our team.

To contact our Video team by email or call 01409 255025 (option 2). Alternatively, message us on our social media pages or join our Facebook Group Mystery Shoppers Ltd- Available Assignments.

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