talking to teams about their mystery shopping programme results

Talking to teams about their results

The beauty of mystery shopping is that even if you don’t review the Mystery Shopping results or make any changes, you will still see your customer experience improve.


By feeding back results to individuals, celebrating successes and sharing the feedback with your teams, performance will skyrocket.

We all know how it feels to not have enough hours in the day. We understand that sometimes it can be easy to let mystery shopping assessments go unrewarded, which is why we’ve developed a range of tools to make this even easier for our clients.


The best way to engage teams in the mystery shopping programme is to get their input in the design stage of the assessment.

Teams will then be able to discuss what is achievable and agree on the expectations that will be put upon them.


We can set it so that mystery shop results are sent to your team once released, even straight to their email inbox.

We can arrange for mini summaries to be included that will highlight the top-performing questions and areas they can look to improve upon for next time (if any).

Allowing the team to have direct access helps everyone feel included in the programme and promotes team ownership from the results.

We can set it so that teams have access to an online portal where they can see all of their prior results and even compare themselves against other teams to create some healthy competition.


Mystery shopping works best when you focus on the positives.

Celebrating high-performers and those that have improved or used the training provided, is the way forward to individuals taking ownership, building confidence and striving to always go that extra mile for the team and for the business. 

It doesn’t need to be a grand gesture – a simple well done or thank you will make someone’s day and give them a little skip in their step!

 If time isn’t your friend, don’t let it be an obstacle in showing your team that you recognise their hard work! We can help you prepare team rewards and recognition, we can arrange these materials to match your company branding.

For some of our clients, we send certificates. For others, we handwrite thank you, or well-done cards and send them to the team members responsible.


Results won’t always be positive – and that’s real life. It’s important not to get too hung up on poor scores. Instead, understand what went wrong and encourage the team to make sure it’s a one-time thing!

If there are patterns of poor scores, it will be really important to understand the reasons why – is there something on the assessment that isn’t working for that location perhaps? Is further training required? Are the expectations realistic? There are lots of things to explore, and we always encourage giving the benefit of the doubt in the first instance.


Spending time with the team or individuals reviewing results can be really valuable. What do they think went well? What would they like to set themselves as targets for next time?

These 1-2-1 sessions allow for further reflection. We’re often so quick to ignore things we’ve done well and just focus on the things that didn’t. It’s hugely valuable if you can show the teams just how well they’re doing!

We can help support these sessions by introducing coaching plans that can be used as a basis for these conversations, and these can be used to keep a record and track progress for follow-up sessions.


✓ Asking teams to share the best thing about their mystery shop experience will help to encourage a practice of celebrating successes amongst the team!

✓ Encourage the team to set themselves targets based on improvement areas identified – as we said above – there will always be things we can do better – what would they like to put in place to achieve this?

✓ Great scores? Discuss how they can do even better! Why not raise the bar even higher? Outstanding customer experience will always be the best edge you’ll have over your competitors.


Make sure that you are regularly asking for feedback on the programme itself from the team; after all, they will know the customers better than anyone, and their insight is invaluable for many aspects of business success. Teams will know what customers are asking for and what experience they’ve had with your competitors.

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