Our Top 5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Reporting Portal

Your reporting portal will be your go-to place for reviewing all your results from your mystery shopping programme. Here you can see insights into how your business is performing. You can identify strong performing areas, trends and if competitors are included in your programme, you can see how your business compares to theirs.

Here’s our Top 5 Tips to getting the most out of your reporting dashboard.

  1. How to identify high performing areas

Start by logging into your portal using the link your contact has provided you with. Go to the Client Dashboard page. Here you should find the Performance by Question snippet. This overview shows each question in your assessment form with an average score for all your sites. It allows you to see where you are excelling and where there are inconsistencies in scores – these will appear in red.

Top tip: Look for questions with a red exclamation mark next to it. These attention areas are a good indication of where more team training might be beneficial.

Don’t forget to reward positive results within your teams and use these to motivate across your business. This could be a simple gesture of ‘thanks’ or a certificate to recognise excellence.

  1. How to download multiple assessment forms

You can view the individual assessment forms through the portal, and PDF or print them out, but you can also download multiple assessment forms at once, that can then be shared with your teams and management.

You can also save your Aggregate Summary Reports, which are found on one of the other modules on your portal. You’ll have a report per business unit, e.g. North, South etc if your sites are split by area. These reports show results for that specific business unit, with a summary and overall score shared along with section scores, trends, a league table and recommendations. This is great for sharing on team notice boards!

  1. How to customise your Client Dashboard

We all process data in different ways, and so if your dashboard isn’t the way you’d like it, you can choose which snippets to show.

Use the arrows to change the order of which snippets to show first, and the snippet repository has even more to choose from.

Once you’ve got the Dashboard how you like it, you can print out or download PDF copies to include in internal communications or pin up on staff noticeboards.

  1. Receive ‘Quick Reports’ each month

As well as receiving an email each time an assessment form has been completed, we can deliver any of the PDF reports from the Reports Portal module, on a regular basis to save you time.

Many of our clients find it useful for key managers within their businesses to receive the Trend By Business Units, and Trend by Questions reports at the end of each wave.

  1. How to action flagged feedback instantly

We’ve rolled out new ‘alert’ emails, which provide a ‘red flag’ to those team members who need to know when a shopper identifies something specific has happened. For example, if a question on your assessment form highlights that mystery shoppers struggled to find the site location because of poor signage, an alert email can be automatically sent to the person responsible to resolve the issue. If you want to monitor the resolution and allow the person responsible the opportunity to show that a fix has been put in place, we can incorporate Action Planning into your programme as well. 

This facility is fantastic for actioning all sorts of shopper queries, such as incorrect information and ensuring that your branding is consistent throughout your sites.

On your dashboard, you can see all of this flagged up data on the Action Dashboard tab. 

If you’d like more tips and advice on fully utilising your Reports Portal  contact your Client Services Manager or contact our client team on 01409 255025,

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