What is Call Scoring?

Call Scoring

Retain more customers, increase conversion rates, ensure compliance to standards and save time & money with Call Scoring.

What is Call Scoring?

Recording inbound and outbound calls ensures that customers are receiving a positive experience that is compliant with company and industry standards. However, this is only true if you are reviewing these calls and in reality, listening to every call can be very time consuming.

Mystery Shoppers Ltd will review these call recordings for you and provide actionable feedback on the findings.

How does Call Scoring work?

The team at Mystery Shoppers Ltd listen to the call recordings and score each one against agreed criteria. Each call will be awarded a score which can then be aggregated by department, division or any business unit to match the company’s structure. A summary of each call will be provided as well as overall recommendations on how to improve the service.

Click here to see an example of a Call Scoring checklist.

Why use Call Scoring?

  • High volumes of calls can be measured and results delivered quickly, meaning fast action can be taken and therefore, more customers retained and sales converted.
  • Call Scoring is low-cost and often cheaper than having internal managers review the calls.
  • Good call recordings can be identified and used in training.
  • Calls requiring follow-up can be flagged and quickly acted upon.

Most companies record their calls.

Some have the time to listen to these.

Few use their recordings to retain more customers.

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