Shopper Tips – If there were 5 things we could tell our shoppers, they would be…

Keep us in the loop

We like to think that we’re a fairly friendly bunch here at Mystery Shoppers HQ and we love nothing more than hearing about how your mystery shops are going.

…Ok, we love cups of tea a bit and some cake if you’re offering but we really do want to hear from you too.

If you can’t carry out the mystery shop on the date you planned that’s fine, just make sure you let us know. Look at the bottom of your Shopper Brief PDF where you’ll see the names, emails and telephone numbers of the team working on the project.

If you don’t know which team member you need to speak to, email the shopper support team or give us a call. Our main line telephone number is 01409 255025 and press 2 for Agent Enquiries. You can pop us a message on Facebook too.

Use the old Dog ‘n’ Bone

Go on, use your phone in front of us, we don’t mind. In fact, we encourage it.

When you’re doing a mystery shopping visit, we often ask that you tell us the time and date you enter and leave. Take a cheeky screenshot of your lock screen before you go in so you don’t have to try and remember what time you entered. Do the same on the way out and your phone does all the hard work for you.

Probably best to have the sound turned off though, as a camera shutter noise going off in your pocket could earn you some funny looks…

We love technology!

Whether you’re using our app or not, we often ask that you upload something to your assessment form. This could be a picture of the outside of a store or a screenshot of an email. Click ‘Upload File’ and from there you can upload 10 attachments. If you need to upload more that’s no problem, just wait until all of the files are 100% uploaded, close the box and click ‘Upload File’ again.

We’re here 9 til 5

Your Shopper Brief will tell you how soon your assessment form should be submitted to us after the assignment has taken place. Most of the time, however, we ask that you get the form to us by 9am the day after your assignment so that we can look it over when we get in the office in the morning.

Know your grading

Before we send your assessments off to our clients, we need to check through them and we’ll always give you a grade and some feedback, so remember to check your emails to see how you did.

Don’t worry if you don’t get 100% for every assessment because we know some mystery shops are more involved than others.  We know you have your own commitments and are trying you’re best and trust us, we appreciate it. Without you we’d just be… well, Mystery!

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