Shopper Tips – Checking to see if You’ve Been Paid

We do our pay run every Wednesday and always try to make sure that our shoppers are paid within 28 day of submitting their correctly completed assignments, but here’s how our pay process works…

To see whether you’ve been paid for a completed assignment, log in at

  1. Click on My Settings then Pay History
  2. It might take a few minutes to load
  3. If the text in these 4 columns is green, you should find the amount has been paid to you via BACS or PayPal depending on the method you have chosen
  4. The Date of Review column is when we processed the payment, so please allow a few days for it to appear in your account
  5. You can click to sort (alphabetically or numerically) on any of these columns. You can also right click to filter.
  6. If you see any blanks in the last 9 columns, don’t worry as these are assignments that we’ve archived on our system. Please check your bank statements if you believe that you have not been paid for any of these.
  7. If the list is quite long, it might go across a number of pages which you can flick between if you scroll to the bottom.
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