Measuring the Gap

Bridging the 'Gap': Harnessing the Power of Mystery Shopping to Manage Customer Service Discrepancies

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Measuring the ‘Gap’


Every business strives to deliver on its promises, yet many find a ‘Gap’ between what they pledge and the reality of their service. 

Particularly prevalent in industries like transportation—think airlines, railways, and bus companies—this ‘Gap’ is often influenced by uncontrollable factors such as weather or unplanned route diversions.

Understanding the ‘Gap’

 What is the ‘Gap’?

The ‘Gap’ in customer service represents the divergence between a company’s advertised standards and the actual service delivered. This can range from gaps in corporate standards, customer expectations, to regulatory compliance. 

The importance of recognising and measuring this ‘Gap’ cannot be overstated as it is the first step in managing and eventually narrowing it.

Human Element in Service Delivery 

In sectors reliant on human interaction, the variability in performance is significant. 

Employees, while trained, may not always deliver to specification for a myriad of reasons, underscoring the need for consistent measurement and management of service quality to drive positive behaviours and create a culture of high service delivery.

Measuring and Managing the ‘Gap’


Practical Challenges 

Completely eliminating the ‘Gap’ is rarely feasible or cost-effective. Thus, identifying and measuring it becomes essential. This data serves as the foundation for any effective management strategy.

Strategies for Managing the ‘Gap’ 

Proactive customer relations and empowering teams are key tactics. In more structured environments, fallback arrangements like relief buses or standby trains play a crucial role.

The Role of Mystery Shopping


Why Mystery Shopping? 

Mystery Shopping serves as a critical tool in this endeavour. It provides unbiased, real-time feedback from the perspective of an everyday customer. This feedback is crucial for accurately measuring the ‘Gap’ and testing the effectiveness of strategies employed to manage it.

Methods Used 

Through techniques such as Video Mystery Shopping, Audio Mystery Shopping, and Mystery Calls,
businesses can gain a clearer understanding of the customer experience. 

These approaches not only highlight discrepancies but also offer insights into potential areas of compliance failure and customer dissatisfaction.

Benefits of Mystery Shopping


Implementing a Mystery Shopping programme offers numerous advantages:

  • Enhances Customer Service: Helps pinpoint and correct service shortcomings.
  • Drive Team Engagement: Help teams understand what’s expected and how they can make a difference.
  • Improves Compliance: Ensures all operations meet industry and legal standards.
  • Boosts Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: By consistently meeting customer expectations, businesses can enhance loyalty and overall satisfaction.

Measuring and managing the ‘Gap’ in customer service is vital for maintaining the integrity of your brand and the satisfaction of your customers. 

Mystery shopping provides the tools necessary to achieve these goals effectively.

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