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Here at Mystery Shoppers Ltd (MSL), we are on a mission to improve customer experiences all over the world. We help our clients to understand what they can do to create lots of happy customers by testing their services.

Now before you get too excited, we don’t just spend our time shopping all day! Here at Mystery Shoppers HQ, we work behind the scenes to arrange for members of the public who have signed up with us as mystery shoppers, to go to our client’s locations (banks, shops etc.) at the right time, and once they’ve spent some time interacting with staff, they fill in their feedback questionnaire. We then read through it to make sure it’s of a good quality, before we submit it to the client and provide them with ways in which they can improve.

We work in all industries, and have carried out all sorts of types of mystery shopping, from the classic burger orders to lengthy mortgage applications. Anywhere a customer experience exists, whether in person, on the phone or online, you will find us providing feedback!

We are a medium sized, family run business and have been going for over 30 years! Our HQ is in Holsworthy, Devon.

Our company values are really important to us all, and you will see them in how we treat our clients, our shoppers and each other. They are as follows; Trust; Teamwork; Continuous Improvement; Innovation; Quality; Accountability; Ownership and Passion. Our teams are hugely important to us, and we will happily provide testimonials!

Client Services Administrator

We’re currently looking for someone to join one of our Client Services Teams full time as a Client Services Administrator. The team is one of 11 teams at MSL; each team works within a few set industries, to become a specialist team for that industry for our clients.

"Sophie, Paul and Denise have always been supportive and I have never worked for a company with more integrity and concern for their employees."
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