A shopper’s review – Completing a Charity Fundraiser Mystery Shop

Feeling pretty confident after my first assignment went so well, I was looking forward to doing another and so I decided to apply for a Fundraiser Assessment. For this particular assignment, I was asked to visit a charity stand in a supermarket and to ‘sign up’ as a donor for the charity. This meant I needed to listen to the fundraiser as they explained what the charity did and when asked if I wanted to donate on a monthly basis, I was to oblige. I thought that it might be a bit of a faff having to contact my bank and cancel my direct debit after the mystery shop, however the team running the project assured me that they would do it for me as soon as they’d quality controlled my assessment form which made things much easier.

On the day of my visit, I found the fundraiser stood at the entrance of the supermarket. The perfect location for him to catch people coming and going, however not a great location to observe him. I walked past him, playing on my phone so he wouldn’t interrupt me as I needed the chance to observe him for a while. Part of the evidence I needed to gather was a picture of the fundraiser without them noticing I was taking it. This is to prove that they were in the correct uniform etc. but it was quite tricky. I loitered around the front of the store trying to observe him but I was struggling to get a picture of him as the shop wasn’t that busy and as I was watching him, he was watching me watch him back! Arrrgggghhh I had no idea what to do!

I scuttled off to another part of the store hoping he would be engaged in conversation with someone soon and I could get my picture. I picked up the shopping that I needed as I was there (two birds, one stone) and I let him catch me on the way out of the store.

Having pre-read the shopper brief and the assessment form before beginning my mystery shop, I knew exactly what I was listening out for. I signed up, took my evidence with me, (which was literature from signing up) and I finally managed to get a picture of him! ‘Phew’ I thought. I guess when you look around, everyone’s on their phones so as long as you’re discreet, it’s not particularly conspicuous to have your phone held in front of you.

When I got home, I completed the assessment form and uploaded my evidence. This assessment was really quick and I thought I would definitely be open to doing more of these types of mystery shops. It took hardly anytime at all and as I actually shop in this supermarket myself, it was really convenient.

Mystery Shopping is a great way to make some extra money and the team were, as always, supporting me every step of the way. So if this is something you want to do Signup on the company website. Happy shopping 😊

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